Granite Flooring Tile Installation

Granite floor tiles absolutely add attitude to all spaces. It’s for the reason that several individuals or homeowners want to have this kind of flooring system in their houses. As a matter of fact, granite is well-known for its aesthetic beauty and sturdiness. If you’re planning to have granite floor tiles installed in your home, these following steps on how to install them would definitely help you in many ways: 

  1. Clean the Surface

The surface which you would be doing the installation of the ties should be totally cleaned and dried up. Sand off any sealant or peeling paint which is still on the surface. Make sure to clear the imperfections of your flooring with waterproof materials. 

  1. Lay Granite Floor Tiles

Get to the surface with a 90 degrees angle corner and then, lay out the granite floor tiles. Plastic scrapers can also be used to hold these granite floor tiles in place. Trim the granite flooring tiles according to your requirement. Placing the granite floor tiles beforehand would actually allow you to inspect if you still require more materials. 

  1. Make theThinset

Follow the directions of the manufacturer for mixing thinset. Once the thinset is already mixed, get a trowel to apply an even and thin coating of thinset on your subflooring. In addition to that, get also the backboard by screwing down the backboard screws. Carefully, do these steps so that you can assure that your granite floor tiles are well protected and secured from any damages that may oocur. 

  1. Press Your Granite Floor Tiles on theThinset

Make ridges while spreading this thinset that you have mixed through angling the trowel by 45 degrees. Do not forget to lay out thinset in surfaces which you can cover the tiles within ten to fifteen minutes. Or else, the mixture of thinset will only harden without the granite floor tiles on it. Twist every granite floor tile into the thinset gently. Use a rubber mallet to gently hammer down tiles. This method would make sure that no air pocket is beneath the granite floor tile. Follow this method thoroughly until every granite floor tile is installed. Have the tiles cure for at least a day or two for better results. 

  1. Apply Grout

Mix small amount of grout per batch with a toothpaste-like consistency. You should also make sure that you just mix batches which are good enough for twenty minutes of application. Make it dry up for five minutes. Then, apply the grout to every tile joint with the use of a grout float. Make use of a damp sponge in order to clean off all sorts of ground spills or excesses. Then, leave it dry up for at least 3 days. 

  1. Apply a Grout Sealant

Use penetrating grout sealant in order to ensure that no water or moisture can pass through your granite floor tiles once the grout on your tiles has totally dried. Remove grout sealant excesses with a paper towel. To know more about West Palm Beach tile installation, make sure that you contact a professional. 

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